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Flammability Tester


Amith Garments 45◦ Flammability Tester is used to evaluate flame resistance of fabric.

Product Details :

Amith Garments 45◦ Flammability Tester is completely made of mild steel which is duly powder coated for long life and aesthetics. Specimen holder is fitted at45◦. Flame moves to and fro with the help of cam through motor. Special gas regulator is provided for controlling the flame length. Specially designed gauge is supplied for setting flame position. Digital timer of 1/10 seconds is provided for highly accurate results. Standard cord of 50 Tex is supplied to stop the flame spread.

Special Features :

45◦ Flammability Tester to check flame resistance to fabrics.

Standard stop cord of 50 tex.

Re-settable Digital Timer for setting time.

Special Gas regulator.

Specially Designed gauge for setting flame position.

Technical Specifications :

Power Supply : 220 V, Single Phase

Motor RPM : 7.2

Timer : Digital

Accuracy : 1/10 of a second

Flame Spread : 130 mm

Height of stop cord above sample : 9.7 mm

Stop Cord specification: 50 Tex , Mercerized cotton.

Gauge specification: 19 mm, 16mm & 8 mm.

Flame length : 8 mm

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].