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GSM Cutter – New Model


The GSM cutter is used for determining the weight of the fabric- woven/knit/paper etc.for 100 sq.cms.

The instrument is a circular fabric sample cutter with which a uniform circular fabric is cut.

Easy to handle & economical.

It is a single solid machine with durable cutting wheels.

The area of specimen cut is 100 cm2.

Finest grade of aluminum used in the main body for light weight and robustness.

There is no replacement of blades & pads periodically. There is no running cost and no trouble and time loss changing of blades and pads frequently.

Brief Details of using the equipment:

The Equipment consists of Round Cutter fixed on a metallic base. The fabric is placed in the centre of the machine & the wheels are rotated to get the circular fabric sample uniformly. The machine has a very tight grip for the fabric so that it is very easy to operate. The mechanism provides no slippage of any kind of fabric so that GSM obtained is very accurate.

Technical Details
Diameter 11.28 Cms
Radius 5.64 Cms
Area of the circle =Pie X RadiusXRadius = 22/7 x 5.64 x5.64 =100 cms2
GSM Round cutter is reduced to 10 times =Weight of sample in grams x100 Eg.=1.90 x 100
Factor GSM = 190 grams

Related Standards

ASTM D3776 / 2646 – 96.

ISO 3801

BS 3424 / 2471.

BSEN 12127

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].