Munsell Color is the industry standard for determining color discrimination and identifying color deficiencies. In addition, the program includes a database to track your color assessment abilities. The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test includes user-friendly scoring software available in multiple languages. Graphs and charts provide at-a-glance determination of your color vision capability.

The Test results will indicate the following :

A numeric score indicating how well you discriminate different colors will be ranked against normal color vision, with a result of low, average or superior.

If you have a color vision defect, the software identifies where your color confusion lies. For example, if you showed weak red color discrimination, your results will indicate that your vision is “protan,” but if you showed weak green color discrimination, then your score would indicate “deutan.”

Your test results will also be charted graphically, to help you see the color areas where you have made errors.