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Shrinkage Template & Scale

Shrinkage testing Templates & Scale

Dimensional stability is “ability of textile material to maintain or return to its original geometric configuration. Shrinkage is “width wise or length wise contraction of textiles material usually after wetting or drying or to an exposure to evaluated temperature.”

Details of equipment:

Shrinkage template is used to determine dimensional change after washing and dry-cleaning. This is applicable to both woven & knitted fabrics. Shrinkage template used to determine directly the % dimensional change (shrinkage) in all types of fabrics.

Features of equipment:

Equipment is a calibrated & is user friendly. A firm handle is provided for the template & calibrated scale for the easy transport of the template & calibrated scale without an distraction.

The scale is calibrated to check the shrinkage directly from 0% to 15% & even the stretch can be directly measured up to 15%.The scale has 14" Bench mark.

Permanent markers to mark the dimensions are provided with equipment.

Acrylic template & scale keeps its calibration intact in any atmospheric condition & gives nice look.

Brief Details of using the template for testing:

The bigger template has Slots in both Vertical & Horizontal direction.

This template is placed on fabric; please make sure that the fabric is in flat position before marking.

Hold the template firmly & mark on all slots by a marking pen which easily goes inside the slot.

The marked fabric is washed or dry-cleaned & dried (as per the method required).

Now the calibrated scale is placed on the marks in each direction.

The calibrated scale directly indicates percentage shrinkage or stretch. You may take minimum of 3 readings for accurate results.

Our template directly measures shrinkage without any marking & calculation errors.

Technical Details

Available Sizes are:

250 mm X 250 mm

350 mm X 350 mm

500 mm X 500 mm

All in one template 250 mm, 350 mm, 500mm

Related Standards

ASTMD 2259 – 96

D 2102 – 96,

ISO 3759

BS 4931



ISO 6330

BS EN ISO 26330


[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].