Thermo Strips


Thermo Strips are basically paper strips with temperature indications. These are very useful for measuring exact temperature during pasting fusible interlining in the garments. It is basically used for measuring hot roller nip temperature in any kind of machine.

Procedure Testing

Thermo Strips are placed inside the fabric where interlinings have to be pasted.

Then, the fabric is passed through the hot nip of the fusing machine.

One of the portions of the strips gets black in colour.

See the temperature written on that portion.

This is the fusing temperature.

Available Ranges

071 - 110◦ C

093 – 132◦ C

121 – 160◦ C

127 – 171◦ C

143 – 182◦ C

160 – 199◦ C

182 – 224◦ C