MBTL light fastness tester

Technical Details :

Light Source :500W, MBTL Fading Lamp (Mercury Blinded Tungsten Lamp)

Test Chamber Temperature:Ambient to 50OC

Temperature Range Control:By Water Circulation in Type ‘A’ Rectangular Cells

Type ‘A’ Rectangular Cells:03 Nos. supplied

Maximum Number of Tupe:50 Nos.

C’ Cylindrical Cells

Specimen Thickness :Up to 15mm

Specimen Size:100 X 50mm

Maximum Number of Specimen:10 Nos.

In the ‘A’ Rectangular Cells

Working Life of Lamps:2000Hours


Power Consumption:Maximum 1KW

Water:Use of Distilled Water only in the water Circulation Unit.

Light Fastness Tester is supplied complete with below Accessories :

Main Unit :01 No.

MBTL Fading Lamp (Mercury Blended Tungsten Lamp):1 No.

Type ‘A’ Rectangular Cells :03 Nos.

Spring Mounted Cradles for Type ‘A’ Rectangular Cells:03 Nos.

Specimen Card to prepare sample for testing (Pack of 18 cards):01 Pack

Double Slot Mask (2/3 area exposed) – For Method- :03 Nos.

Type ‘C’ Cylindrical Cells :50 Nos.

Unit to Pull Sample Holder Tray from Rectangular Cells :03 Nos

Flexible Tubing (Small) – For connecting Type ‘A’ Cells : 06 Nos.

Flexible Tubing (Big) – For connecting the Water Circulation Unit :02 Nos.

Stainless Steel Clamps :12 Nos.

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