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Who We Are

Welcome to Amith Garment Services

We are working since 1999 with the intension to serve indian textile industry and trade for ensuring their quality of final product made. This is possible by controlling incoming quality of fibre/ yarn/ fabric and garment accessories and chemicals and also quality of final product made.

We offer total quality solutions at every stage of manufacturing.

Our Aim

To keep in close touch with customer, understand his requirement technically and deliver value for his money.

Our Goal

Every science inception we have always grown exceptionally well year by year. This is the result of our dedication, pursuance and efficient service. We want to ensure this growth rate and become leader in the field of textile testing and quality control equipment field.


What We Offer

  • Offer consultation to customers for choosing right instruments for their need.
  • Timely delivery of product which are made with best raw material, best manufacturing technology with strict adherence to international standards like ASTM, BS, ISO etc. Our instruments are made for fault free running. All instruments are supplied with calibration certificates with traceability and are supplied with detailed user manuals.
  • Installation, demonstration, Operator Training.
  • Supply of quality consumables from AATCC / SDC / James heals / Test Fabrics etc
  • Annual maintenance schemes/ instant repairs and prompt after sales service is provided to the customer.
  • Stand by machine is provided to customer for avoiding work stoppage only on case basis at the sole discretion of Amith Garment Services.
  • We provide Lab Layout and Design Plan free of charges to Full Lab Orders. For Sample Click here

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