Conductivity Meter

Microprocessor based.

± 1% full scale accuracy.

Single and multi point automatic manual calibration.

50 memory data sets.

3 years warranty from manufacturing defects and 6 months for electrode.


Conductivity Range :Resolution :Accuracy :TDS Range :Resolution :Temperature range :

0-20.00,200.0,2000 uS/cm; 20.00, 200.0 mS/cm

0.01,0.1,1 uS/cm; 0.01,0.1 mS/cm±1% full scale +1 digit0-10.00, 100.0,1000 ppm; 10.00, 100.0 ppt max 200 ppt depending on factor setting.0.01,0.1,1 ppm;0.01,0.1 ppt-10 ◦C to 100 ◦C

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