Crockmeter Manual

Amith Garments CROCKMETER MANUAL is used to evaluate color fastness to Wet & Dry rubbing with strict adherence to ISO & AATCC Standards. It is very useful for Textile Colleges, Mill, & export house Labs.

Product Details

Amith Garments Crockmeter is completely made of mild steel duly painted. It provides 9 N load on 16 mm finger. Stroke length is 104±3 mm. All parts are meticulously designed and precisely Engineered for flawless performance & long life. Mechanical type stroke counter is provided for counting the strokes. It is supplied with all accessories.

Technical Specifications:

Stroke Length: 104±3 mm

Finger Diameter: 16 mm

Load On finger: 9 N±0.2N

Stroke Counter: Mechanical Type

Special features:

Manual Crockmeter as per ISO & AATCC.

Analog stroke counter for counting the revolutions.

Stroke length 104±3mm & load on finger 9 N±0.2N

U shape metal specimen Holder for easy gripping samples.

Special finger clip for easy fixing the crocking cloth.

Standard abrasive paper (No 320 ) for accurate test result.

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