Fabric extensiometer

To measure stretch percentage and recovery properties of woven/knitted and lycra fabrics/narrow elastic tapes.

Sturdy loading aluminium frame and screw tensioning device supplied.

Static load is applied for a specific time and released.

Percentage of elongation is read directly from the scale on the apparatus.

Unit can be mounted on the wall.

Approved by INVISTA.

Supplied with 30N, 2.3kg, 1.8kg, 1.3kg rectangular loads with stainless steel hook and sample cutting templates.

Option of table top model is also available.

Net weight for table top model 11.5 kg

Net Dimension for table top model length×depth×height 26”×6”×7”.

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].

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