Fabric Strength Testing Machine

For Finding the strength in fabric, following 2 machines are used:

Fabric Strength is an important functional property of any kind of fabric. Fabric strength is required in applications like Bag making – Industrial – and other applications. Fabric Strength loss can occur during chemical processing / garment washing / other processing.
To avoid at Fabric Strength loss – need to check fabric strength at different stages of processing.

All colors in Pantone Color Standards are selected based on market trends in various countries.

Fabric Strength can be assessed in testing Laboratory to take corrective actions.

1. Fabric Tear Strength Tester – Gives by Elmendorf method fabric strength at Tear in both warp and weft direction
2. Fabric Tensile Strength & Elongation Test Machine (Also gives Seam Slippage)
3. Bursting strength tester – FOR Knit Fabrics

1. Fabric Tear Strength Tester:

This Machine comes in 2 types:

• Capacity of 6400 g: For light weight fabrics & top wear fabrics

• Capacity of 12,800 g: For Heavy Weight Fabrics & Bottom wear Fabrics


Fabric Tear Strength Tester is used to determine Elmendorf tearing strength (Ballastic strength) of textile fabrics and work factor of fabrics.

Supplied with 2 extra calibrated weights to increase capacity of machine from 1600 gms to 3200 gms and to further 6400 gms.

All components like jaw assembly, levers, pins, blocks etc are made of high quality ,mild – steel with chrome plating to ensure trouble free working of machine.

However 1600 gms weight is done in brass. Accessories include template, allen key and extra cutting blade.

Net weight : 30 kg

Net Dimension: length×depth×height 21”×11”×23”.

2. Fabric Tensile Tester & Elongation Test Machine (Also gives Seam Slippage):

Our Fabric tensile tester is used to evaluate:

Tensile Strength of fabric.

Seam Slippage of fabric.

Yarn lea strength testing.

Tensile tester comes with load cell of 250 kg/500 kg and sensitivity of 100 grams. Machine is fitted with peak and zero facility and overloads protection facility.

For single yarn testing capacity of 20 kg and sensitivity of 1gram is provided at extra cost.

Force: 20 / 250 / 500 kg:

Jaw separation 25 -600 mm. Traverse speed –100 & 300 fixed.

Digital display of load and elongation-works on CRT principle.

Pneumatic pressure for loading samples.

3. Bursting Strength Tester – for Knit Fabrics:

Bursting Strength Tester used which has following details:

35 kg/ cm2 – To find out bursting strength of knitted /woven/non-woven/cardboard / carton board even if it is laminated.

Digital display of results with peak and hold options. Hydraulic load under rubber standard diaphragm and manual clamping method at a controlled increasing rate.(option also available for 70kg load cell *100gms sensitivity with pneumatic clamp ).

Net weight : 90 kg

Net Dimension: length×depth×height 22”×18”×25”.

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].

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