Hot Air Oven Cum Incubator


Used to perform Perspiration and Oven dry test.


  • Used in perspiration & oven dry tests.
  • Digital temperature controller incorporated.
  • 18” X 18” X 18” inside chamber dimension.
  • Outside mild steel – beautifully painted and fully stainless-steel inner chamber for rust free operations.
  • Supplied with adjustable stainless-steel trays to hold samples.
  • Circulating fan is provided for uniformity.
  • Accuracy maintained by using energy regulator.
  • Load indicator indicates heater status.
  • 1 blower to maintain uniform temperature inside chamber.
  • Perspirometer available with us at extra cost.

Related Standards

  • AATCC 15, 106, 107, ISO 105 E02, E01, E04

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