Hot Plate


Used to heat any kind of solution in the lab.


  • Up to 350 degree Centigrade can be achieved with instant heating.
  • Liquid can be heated up to the maximum of 100 °C.
  • Temperature is controlled by using energy regulator.
  • 12” X 16“top plate gives options of multiple beakers keeping at a time.
  • Top plate is provided with fully aluminium casting for immediate heating.
  • Option of fully stainless steel to avoid rusting is also available at extra cost.
  • Can heat continuously any type of Liquid solution in the lab.
  • Temperature control can be achieved by thermostat control.
  • Required temperature can be set by selecting on rotating temperature knob
  • Temperature display available with us at extra cost.
  • Safe to use.
  • Option of stirring is available.
  • Non-stick coated top plate for easy operation.

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