Imported Tube lights for Color Matching

  • Following Standard Lights in 2 Feet, 3 Feet, 4 Feet and 5 Feet are available for Color Matching Purposes with measured and calibrated Kelvin levels and lux levels.
  • Brief Details of using the equipment- Few Examples are Textile testing Sector
  • The sample to be checked for the colour difference is placed on the 45 degree viewing angle along with the buyer original.
  • Used to match the shade cards used in dyeing for the perfect match of shades.
Light SourceType of LightColour Temperature
D – 65Artificial Daylight6500 K
INCAIncandescent light2856 K
TL – 84Fluorescent Light4150 K
CWFCool White Fluorescent4150 K
UVUltra Violet LightUltra Violet black light

We also can supply spare standard lamps for Macbeth and Verivide Cabinets of different models :

  • D 65
  • UV
  • P – 15
  • A Light
  • Horizon
  • CWF
  • TL84

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