Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine

For fibre/yarn/fabric dyeing purposes in lab conditions.

Heating media is advanced infra-red rays.

Eliminates use of glycol & frequent cleaning of beakers.

Economical yet high performance.

You can measure temperature of solution inside the beakers.

Special dosing system for chemical addition. Table top, ergonomically design – maintenance free and noise free.

0-140 degree centigrade temperature range.12 beakers of 250mm each is beaker capacity.

Multi step temperature controller for adjusting heating rate, time & buzzer. (Option for floor model also available)

Net weight: 92 kg for table top model & 180 Kg for floor model.

Net Dimension: length×depth×height 29”×15”×24”for table top model & 38”×27”×33” for floor model.

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