Lab shaker and wrist shaker

Lab Shaker

Specially designed equipment to be used in laboratories for continuous shaking liquor.

Specially designed rubber beaker holders give flexibility to use glass beakers without damage.

The equipment helps in shaking or agitating the solution / liquor at predetermined speed for desired span of time.

Technical Details :

Useful instruments for shaking solutions/liquid in the lab.

Used for fibre composition tests.

Multiple stations at a time up to 16 stations for 250ml beaker.

Both timer control and RPM control available.

Speed and Timer control helps person to control level of shaking at different heating levels.

Pre-set timer to fix total time of shaking.

Glass beaker without leakage/breakage can be used due to special rubber gasket grips.(option of stainless steel holder is also available for rust free operations at extra cost).

Six numbers of beakers are given complimentary.

Net weight : 17 kg

Net Dimension: length×depth×height 21”×21”×15”.

Wrist Shaker

Standard : ISO 3071 and Related Standard.

Type of Shaker : Tilting Type (As per Standard).

Loading Capacity : 8 Nos.

Type of Timer : Digital Timer (Micro Based)

Display Type : LED Dual Display

Timer Range : 0 – 999 Mins/Sec/Hrs

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].

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