Multi fibre Fabrics (ISO, AATCC,James Heal)

  • Multi fibre Fabric can be used as an adjacent fabric in many of the ISO 105C Series and E Series of colour fastness tests and also meets many chain store fastness test specifications. It is produced with a narrow weave construction and contains the following components: secondary cellulose acetate, cotton, polyamide, polyester, acrylic and wool. It undergoes rigorous quality control procedures, in accordance with ISO 105 F10, conducted by independent UK Accreditation Service accredited laboratories. All tests are carried out against a set specification and against a retained master batch at yarn as well as fabric stage. This ensures consistency of staining behaviour rather than simple conformity.
  • These items comes with confirmation certificates/MSDS wherever applicable.
  • SDCE Humidity Control Fabric

  • This is an azoic dyed cotton fabric with specified fading properties, which varies with the amount of relative humidity.

  • It is used as a calibration tool for light fastness testing. When the humidity of the light fastness testing machine is correctly set it will fade at an identical rate to the light fastness standard Number 5. It is supplied with a printed instruction sheet for its use to determine the correct settings for the relevant ISO 105 B series test method.

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