Package Hardness Tester – Analog


Used to determine the hardness/ softness of yarn bobbins/warp beams/cones/cheese etc.


  • Portable instrument.
  • Also called package density meter.
  • Determine density or hardness of yarn cone/package or beams of yarn or fabric.
  • Very useful in package dying & yarn dying sections as dyer can separate cones which are too loose or which are too tight.
  • Variation in package density leads to “cone to cone dye variations”.
  • Avoid damage to bobbins and warp beams.
  • Flat working surface is recommended.
  • Ideal for bobbins with a diameter of more than 400 mm.
  • Hardness Tester with indentation ball of 5 mm diameter is recommended for standard packages.

Related Standards:

  • ISO 7211, BSEN 1049

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