Perspiration test chemicals supplied along with instrument.

For AATCC 3.63 kg dead weight or for ISO 4.13 kg dead weight is provided.

2 plates of total 910 grams is provided for loading.

Sodium chloride GR , Sodium di hydrogen ortho phosphate,sodium hydroxide flakes,di sodium hydrogen ortho phosphate,L-histidiene besides beakers/blotting paper/standard adjacent fabric supplied.

Net weight :8.3 kg

Net dimension :10”×3.5”×7.5”.

21 acrylic plates for sample holder is also provided each of 115mm*60mm*1.5mm thickness.(Option available to supply perspiration kit which contains all chemicals 7 accessories to conduct perspiration tests against ISO/AATCC standards).

Amith Garments Perspirometer is a used to evaluate colour fastness to perspiration & water or sea water.

To assess colour fastness of textile fabric against perspiration or colour fastness against water.

Achieved by exposing specimen samples to action of both alkaline and acidic reagents.

Two separate units one for alkaline and other for acidic conditions provided at extra costs.

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