pH meter – Plus- Portable Model Hanna


To find out pH content of any kind of fabric/ textile material by adopting scientific process.


  • pH of fabric/garment can be found out by cutting the fabric to pieces and boiling them in distilled water.
  • Can be carried from place to check pH content of any solution at the same source of solution itself.
  • Slim, ergonomically design fits comfortably in the hand or pocket.
  • Two-button operation, one for ON/OFF, other for calibration.
  • Built in temperature sensor allows for quick automatic temperature compensated measurement.
  • Automatic calibration to one or two points using standard buffer solution.
  • A clock tag stability indicator will disappear to alert the user the reading is stable.
  • Low battery indicator that is displayed when battery is less than 10% remaining.
  • All size of beakers, conical flask, wash bottles, test tubes available with us at extra cost.

Related Standards

AATCC 81, ISO 3071

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].

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