Tear Strength Tester


To determine Elmendorf Tearing Strength (Ballistic Strength) of textile fabrics and work factor of fabrics.


  • Supplied with 2 extra calibrated weights to increase capacity of machine from 1600 gm to 3200 gm and to further 6400 gm.
  • Adjustable knife to adjust pre-cut length 20 mm.
  • Supplied with three calibrated weight to calibrate each range.
  • Adjustable foots for levelling the equipment.
  • It gives very accurate results between 20 – 80 % of the capacity.
  • All components are made of high quality, mild – steel with chrome plating to ensure trouble free working of machine.
  • However, 1600 gms weight is done in brass.
  • Accessories include template, Allen key and extra cutting blade.

Related Standards

  • BS 4253, ASTM D 1424, DIN 53862, BSEN ISO 13937

[Our Instrument comes with Calibration certificate traceable to NPL / NABL, Warranty certificate and detailed user manual].

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