Twist Tester – Electronic


To find out twist per Inch or twist per cm in any kind of – single/ double/ plied yarn.


  • All components made in stainless steel to offer long life and troublefree operations.
  • Pre- settable digital counter will display number of twists in the yarn.
  • Adjustable gauze length of up to 20” / 50 cm.
  • Silent and integrated motor operation with auto stop system.
  • Memory option available of key parameters.
  • Microprocessor based inbuilt option for direct TPI & TPM value for SY, PY, OE yarns.
  • Motorised operation with variable speed.
  • Rigid model with 500 mm (20 Inch) variable specimen length.
  • Accurate twist measurements for natural fibre and synthetic fiber yarns.

Related Standards:

  • IS 2061, BS 2085, ASTM 1422/1423, DIN 53832;

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