Wrap Reel – Motorized (10 Station)


To produce leas/skeins/hank of yarn for further testing of yarn count or yarn strength.


  • To produce skeins of yarn of a pre-determined length and number of turns for count/ denier and strength testing.
  • Capacity of 10 cops.
  • The reel circumference with 1.50 yards or 1 meter.
  • Pre-selection of 30/60/120 yards of skein.
  • Digital display with pre-programmable up to 999 revolutions.
  • Specially designed bobbin holding stand, which can accommodate bobbins dia up to 100mm.
  • Bobbins stand is equipped with a yarn-tensioning device.
  • Customer need to specify required reel circumference at the time of ordering.
  • Customer also required to suggest maximum package diameter to design suitable creel stand.

Related Standards:

  • ISO 2060, BS 2010, ASTM D1578, DIN 53830;

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